Financial Regulations.

Financial Regulations
The Object of these regulations is to provide the County with a good basis upon which to conduct its financial arrangements to ensure the prudent management of its activities.
The Treasurer is responsible to the Management Council for advising on the financial aspects and administration of the County funds and for ensuring there is a satisfactory system of control and management.
The accounts and financial records shall be subject to audit in accordance with the best audit practice.
The Treasurer is responsible for preparing the Annual Financial Statement for circulation to each directly affiliated League and each directly affiliated Club prior to the Annual General Meeting. The Accounts will be prepared in accordance with and conform to a recommended accounting practice.
The Management Council shall have the right of immediate access to accounts, books, records and documents concerning the financial running of the County.
The Treasurer will be responsible for submitting quarterly financial reports and bank statements and to propose remedial action where necessary together with full year projections.
All arrangements with our bankers concerning the bank accounts and the issuing of cheques shall be made by the Treasurer.
Any instructions to open, close or change the use of a bank account must be agreed by the Management Council.
All cheques must be signed by two Office holders.
The Treasurer is responsible for all payments and receipts made by or on behalf of the County.
The Treasurer shall be responsible for the security and prompt banking of all monies received. Monies due to the County from Leagues, Clubs or individuals shall be requested on approved forms. Other officials are not permitted to deal with these matters unless agreed by the Treasurer.
Every remittance of cash received by an Officer on behalf of the County must be acknowledged with an approved receipt.
Non-cash remittances received by post to be recorded in a post book.
Personal cheques must not be cashed from County funds.
Affiliated members shall approve a policy statement outlining the strategy and parameters surrounding the investment of surplus funds.